Do you use streaming services such as Spotify, Apple Music or YouTube for health, exercise or wellness? Then I would like to talk to you for a new research project and in exchange you will receive a £10 online shopping voucher.

I am interested in speaking to people who use streaming services or apps to help manage their health, fitness or wellness. This might be:

  • Motivational music playlists when exercising
  • Guided workouts
  • Guided meditation/Yoga
  • Motivational or inspirational podcasts (for health, exercise or wellness)

If you use streaming services such the ones I mentioned (or others) in any of these ways (or in different ways you to help you with health, exercise or wellness) then I would like to talk to you.

I want to hear about your strategies for using these services. Also, your experiences & opinions on what works (or doesn’t) and why. I am particularly interested in how the audio/video format (and elements of design) helps you achieve your goals.

For instance, I would like to hear from you if you use workout, yoga and meditation playlists like these on Spotify:

Or if you use guided meditation podcasts like these please also get in touch:

Alternatively, you might use workout apps like these:

I am interested in understanding how people use streaming services and downloadable content (eg. playlists, podcasts, videos) for health, exercise and wellness. For this study, you will be asked about what kind of content you access, how and why you use it. This is an exploratory project the aim of which is to conduct semi-structured interviews with participants who use these services in their daily practice. I hope to find out some of the ways in which people have engaged with these, what they found appealing or not and how they have impacted on their health and wellbeing. Your responses will be kept completely confidential.  

Interviews should last around 30 minutes (phone/video call) and you will receive a £10 online shopping voucher as a thankyou!

If you would like to participate in this project (or would like more info) please get in touch by email, Twitter or via the form below. Please also pass on details to others who might be interested in participating in this project.


Twitter: @chrishtill