In summer 2016 I organised a one day conference called Digital Health/Digital Capitalism which looked at how digital health technologies, and the political economy of digital industries, have changed how we think about health and bodies. This looked at issues around the management of health data by commercial enterprises, the impact of digital technologies on work practices, the blurring of work and non-work life through digital culture and the commercial monitoring of health.

After the event I really wanted to keep the conversation going so decided to try out a podcast (my first) so I tracked down some people who spoke at the conference and others who weren’t there to have a chat about their research, reflections and opinions on these kind of issues.

For episode 1 I spoke to Nick Fox which you can read more about in my post.

For episode 2 I spoke to Minna Ruckenstein, for more on that see this post.

In episode 3 I spoke to Tamar Sharon which you can read about in my post.

For episode 4 I spoke to Will Davies and you care read more about that in my post.

In episode 5 I spoke to Lynne Pettinger which you can read about in my post.

In episode 6 I spoke to Liz McFall and you can read more about that in my post.

There are links to my podcasts below:












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