This first episode of my new Social Theory Podcast discusses the work of one of the greatest thinkers of all time in any field, Karl Marx. The guests are Tom Houseman and Joseph Ibrahim both of Leeds Beckett University in the UK. See the end of this post for links to the episode.

Probably the best and most easily accessible source for writing by and about Marx’s the Marxists Internet Archive which houses a huge amount of material:

The text by Marx referred to most frequently in the episode is Capital (sometimes called Das Kapital):

Also mentioned a couple of times is the excellent and very entertaining biography of Marx by Francis Wheen

There is also an extract of this book available on the Marxists Internet Archive

Also mentioned is the excellent episode of the BBC Radio Four series In Our Time (available as a podcast) dedicated to Marx after he was voted by listeners of the programme to be the greatest philosopher of all time:

Joseph also mentioned the Conditions of the Working Class in England by Frederick Engels

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