In this episode of the Digital Sociology Podcast I spoke with Mark Carrigan. Because it has taken me ages to upload this podcast my introduction to Mark on the podcast is a bit out of date now. But Mark is the Digital Engagement Fellow at The Sociological Review and a researcher in the Culture Politics and Global Justice cluster in the Faculty of Education at the University of Cambridge where he works on research on the digital university. I also mention that he runs the Sociological Imagination website which has since been closed down.

I was really enthusiastic to get Mark on the podcast as I see him as a leader in the field and someone who has had a big impact on how I think about digital sociology and the use of blogging and social media as a part of academic practice.

Mark offers some of his views on what potential there is in “the digital” for academics and some of the practical and institutional challenges. He also tells me about his work with Flilip Vostal on the perceived speeding up of work they refer to as the “accelerated academy”.

Mark is on Twitter @mark_carrigan

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