The International Review of Law, Computers & Technology


Themed Issue: Justice in Algorithmic Robes

(2017 3rd Issue)


Call For Papers


The International Review of Law, Computers & Technology contributes to scholarly and policy engagement with regulatory, economic and political challenges posed by new and technological innovations. The themed issue, Justice in Algorithmic Robes aims to reflect critically about the assumptions we make about the role of Law in balancing innovations and fundamental rights. The emergence of smart sensing technologies, 3D printing, automated systems and robotics are seamlessly being interwoven into discourses such as “the collaborative economy”, “governance by platforms” and “empowerment”. Innovations such as body worn cameras, fitness trackers, 3D printing, smart meters, robotics and big data hold out the promise of a new algorithmic future. These developments also coincide with growing inter-disciplinary scholarship voicing concerns about the vulnerability of the values we associate with fundamental freedoms and how these are being algorithmically reconfigured or dismantled in a systematic manner. This themed issue invites contributions that will move us beyond the ongoing debates about the politics of technologies and consider how best we can meaningfully preserve our fundamental rights and freedoms. Contributions to this themed issue are welcomed, in particular, those that:


  1. Offer new conceptualisations of the role and rule of law.
  2. Discuss how particular technologies redefine values and rights.
  3. Suggest new ways we can (re) imagine concepts such as informed consent, autonomy and privacy.
  4. Describe the significance of trends towards “legal protection of design” as a counterpoint to the road to “digital serfdom”.
  5. Offer analytical models of “freedom” that give more prominence to concerns of justice and agency.


Guidelines for authors


  1. Authors interested in contributing to the Themed Issue should submit an abstract to Joseph Savirimuthu (, no later than 26 February 2016.


  1. The submissions must contain the name(s) of author(s), affiliation, title, an abstract (max 300 words) relevant to the Themed Issue.


  1. Authors will be notified of the acceptance of their contribution no later than 4th March 2016.


  1. Final submission of the full article is 29th July 2016. Each article needs to be between 7,000 and 10,000 (inclusive of footnotes).


  1. Articles will peer reviewed and feedback provided by 19th August 2016.


  1. Final versions of the articles must be submitted by 7th October 2016.


  1. We aim to ensure timely publication of the Themed Issue. This will be determined the International Review of Law Computers & Technology publication schedule for 2017.